Founded in 1999, Art Capital Group (ACG) has grown to become a global financier for art businesses, collectors, and financial firms. ACG was the first independent specialty art finance firm in the marketplace, and has underwritten over $5 billion in art-backed loans. By structuring bespoke financial products ACG helps individuals, art-based companies, and asset managers adapt, expand, and satisfy a new set of needs in an age in which art constitutes not only a valuable collection, but a core asset.

Our client base is diverse, including galleries, dealers, wealth managers, financial advisers, municipalities, museums, trusts, estates, and family offices. Individual collectors are provided with flexible, customized creative services that traditional banks are simply unable to approach.

The ACG team, with deep expertise in both art and finance, emphasizes four core qualities – agility, innovative thinking, discretion, and entrepreneurship. With diverse backgrounds from banking and finance, auction houses, and galleries, ACG’s team offers clients a rich global network of resources with a wealth of talent and insight. ACG combines the attentiveness and elegance of a boutique firm with the reach and capital capacity of a major bank.

Be it with art businesses, institution-oriented lending, or in personalized work with individuals, ACG executes solutions with discretion and distinctiveness. On a client by client basis, we develop strategic financial approaches that are aggressive yet sound in their structure, global in their reach and highly precise in their legal and financial fundamentals.