Asset Managers

For asset managers, Art Capital Group structures service products in the three following ways, depending on the needs of the client and the characteristics of the transaction by:

Offering straight private label services to firms, where ACG underwrites, services, and lends in total coordination with the financial institution and under its name;

Structuring a private label relationship but co-lending with the financial institution, again with the same discretion and coordination;

Working on a straight referral basis, honoring the trust firms place in ACG’s agility, integrity, and skills.

Across all three categories, ACG works seamlessly in lockstep with banking clients to structure elegant financial solutions for their clients’ art finance needs.   From experience, ACG has found that most art clients want to leverage the value of their collections to invest in other asset classes managed by their brokers, wealth managers, and advisers.  Art-based financing of this sort inevitably drives assets under management for our banking partners.

Be it term loans, bridge loans, advances, acquisition financing or credit facilities, ACG develops tailored, innovative financial solutions that allow wealth managers to both drive assets under management and address the growing challenges and opportunities posed by the definitive arrival of a new core asset.  By helping high net worth individuals unlock additional liquidity and build assets, wealth managers working with ACG not only service clients in a cost effective way but also increase assets under management.


With a keen understanding of the legal and accounting issues involved in international art transactions, we complement wealth managers’ diligence and expertise in cross border transactions.