Asset Managers

Since founding as a boutique art financier in 1999, Art Capital Group has participated first-hand in art’s recent transition from non-traditional asset to core holding for ultra-high net worth individuals. Today, for the typical ultra-high net worth client, it is estimated that art comprises 10-20% of assets, making art not only a meaningful asset, but a key approach for wealth managers to add value to their client’s portfolios.

ACG is an expert adviser and lender for that portion of collectors, aligning products and advising directly with the asset manager’s overall plan and approach with their clients. More and more, these clients distinguish wealth managers for the way in which they add value and provide unique services.  By offering an institutional backstop for more traditional firms that do not have established specialized art divisions, ACG helps wealth managers seamlessly add to their distinctive list of value-added advice and products.

ACG works with financial firms to provide an array of products to clients to grow assets under management, allowing conservative asset managers to embrace the entrepreneurial approach ACG takes with respect to art financing, thereby bringing a creativity and innovation that is unparalleled, and perhaps not possible in-house.